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Metal Creek Manufacturing

Metal Creek Manufacturing is your full service Contract Design and Documentation company.

Services include:

  • 2D Design in AutoCAD and Solidworks
  • 3D Design in AutoCAD and Solidworks
  • Convert Paper Documents to Electronic
  • Convert 2D to 3D Drawings and Parts
  • Photo rendering of your Parts, Assemblies and Equipment
  • Owners manuals
  • Exploded Assembly Documentaion
  • Manufacturing Routing and Processing
  • CE Certification to Harmonized Standards
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Creation
  • Fixture and Tool design
  • Contract Manufacturing Engineering Services
  • Prototype Services - Machining - Assembly - Proof of Concept
  • FEA Stress Analysis
  • Quality Systems and Procedures including PPAP documentation

You can build it in the USA....Let us show you how!

     -Aerospace         -Capital Equipment            -Medical
     -Defense              -Food                                   -Chemical
     -Energy               -Communications               -Automotive

In todays environment of tight budgets and reduced staff levels, Metal Creek can help with your project specific Design, Documentation and Process development needs.

We specialize in working with small and medium size companies that can't afford a full time engineering or manufacturing engineering staff.

If you have existing documentation that is in need of updating, cleanup or conversion to solids, let us show you how we can help.

Let our 25 Years experience in design and manufacturing help your company be successful.

Component Design in Solidworks
Assembly Documentation
Design and Documentation

FEA Stress Analysis


Our company strives to provide:
a QUALITY product, at a FAIR price when you NEED it.

We focus on our customers needs

Design Services

  • 3D Solidworks / 2D AutoCAD Design services
  • Drafting services
  • Individual Part Design, Assembly Creation, Motion Study
  • Convert existing 2D designs into 3D
  • Scanning of hard copy into electronic format
  • Design For Assembly (DFM) services / Cost control
  • BOM (Bill of materials) creation
  • Exploded assembly documentation
  • Photo rendering services - Professional sales presentation materials
  • Capability to work with virtually all drawing formats

Manufacturing Engineering Services

  • Process development
  • Procedures
  • Routings
  • Tooling
  • Project management
  • Tool lists / Tooling
  • Assembly documentation (sequence / BOM / Exploded views)
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing) services
  • Cost reduction

CE Certification

  • Assist in assessing your product for entry into the EU market
  • Review and suggest design and documentation requirements for CE compliance
  • Create Technical File and Compliance Documents
  • Self Certification to machinery directive and related harmonized standards

Owners Manuals

  • Create owners manuals
  • Link assembly documents, exploded views, drawings and BOM to owners manual
  • Compliance with ANSI Z535.6-2006

Tooling and Fixture Design and Manufacturing

  • Research / Specify tooling
  • Fixture design (Weld, Machining, Assembly)
  • Provide manufacturing drawings for all tooling
  • Assist in selection of manufacturing equipment

Project Management

  • Facility remodeling
  • Facility relocation
  • Machine tool relocation
  • Facility / Process layout and design
  • Experienced in:
    • Facilities Construction Management - Managed 3 major construction projects to
    • Facilities Remodeling - Office space, Cubicles, Explosive environments, lighting, HVAC, Floor/wall/ceiling Painting, Plant layout
    • Relocation of manufacturing operations - Detailed plans, rigging preparation, minimum down time
    • Disposal of non-valued inventory - Surplus machinery and inventory sold
    • Rigging and Equipment installation - Over 30 successful machine moves and installs

Email us with your designs for a fast quote!

Call us...lets talk about how Metal Creek can help you!

Quoting and Technical Assistance Contact:

David Wagner



Click Here for a Virtual Tour of Chrysler 200 Assembly Plant

Increasing Customer Documentation Requirements
In todays tight budget environment, companies struggle to get everything done in a timely manor.  Metal creek can help by lending our services to you on very specific projects.  Are your customers asking for increased documentation of your manufacturing processes?  If you are doing work with the defense, automotive or aerospace industries you know what I am talking about.  PPAP, Procedures, Document control, Revision control, Process Maps, DFEMA, etc all add to your already overwhelming workload.  You can't afford to bring in full time help to get going in these industries...but that is where the work is....well that is where contract services offered by Metal Creek can help.  For a very affordable fee, we can help develop your processes, create procedures, help with documents, design fixtures, create tool lists, create setup sheets...everything you need to fulfil your customers demands for true process control!  When we are done, your costs end.  You can afford to get into industries you have not been in before.
Send us your drawings.....Find out how we can help your company be successful in your next project!
Advantages of 3D parts
You have read all the stories of how people have saved time and money using 3D part models to program their machine tools...but as a small company, how can you afford to get your product into 3D without hiring a big dollar engineer?  Metal Creek offers services to take your designs in paper or electronic 2D format and convert them to 3D models and associated manufacturing prints.  All the new programming software is setup to create CNC programs from solid models.  Using the solid model can provide a great deal of automation to your CNC program creation process.  That is only helpful if your parts or customers parts are actually in 3D.  As a small business, the cost of adding staff to accomplish this transition is prohibitive.  Metal Creek can help convert these files to full 3D models, design your fixtures in 3D, verify interferences on your machine tools before you ever do your first setup.
Call us..lets talk about how Metal Creek can help your company become better than ever! 1-920-606-7788
Machine Tool Programming
Programming of a machine tool from 2D drawings can be time consuming.  Much of the software on these new machines can create the wire path from a 3D model.  Metal Creek can convert these 2D parts to 3D for a very affordable cost.  If you are a sole proprietor or a small operation, we can be your engineering staff ONLY when you need us!  We can save you hours of work that you can use to apply to increasing your sales or improving other areas of your business.
Partner with Metal Creek to do more with less!
Tooling and Fixtures
Metal Creek can help design and construct your tooling.  We can design and build: Machining fixtures, Assembly fixtures, Automation equipment and attachments, Welding fixtures, Custom cutting tools, Jigs, Inspection fixtures.  If you need to hold a part, we can help figure out how to do it.  We can help source the components, hardware and fixture assemblies if necessary.  Let us help you be more responsive to your customers and shop needs by speeding your time from concept to design and construction.  Team up with us today!

We are proud to be a US manufacturing company

Quoting and Technical Assistance Contact:
David Wagner





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